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NAV Lending

NAV lending report - front cover

Download our report on NAV Lending and the emerging opportunity for private debt investors.

Written by Stephen Quinn and David Wilson, Co-Heads of Credit and Federica Bogoni, Senior Investment Associate 

This report examines the continued growth of NAV Lending, which provides investors with a differentiated risk option within the private debt landscape, whilst, delivering returns at least comparable to Direct Lending.

In the context of this report, NAV Lending is senior ranking debt which is secured against a diversified portfolio of private equity assets and therefore benefits from multiple cashflows to ensure repayment.

This report outlines how NAV Lending is relevant across the private equity industry and demonstrates how it can provide superior risk-adjusted returns to Private Debt investors through its unparalleled downside protection.

This report also highlights the early mover advantage that can be gained in this significantly growing asset class, and outlines the benefits of NAV Lending for investors as part of their overall Private Debt allocation.

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